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Driving and Racing Games

If you’ve arrived here then you must love driving and racing games, but the question now is what kind of vehicle do you want to drive? Are cars your thing, or motorcycles, or maybe even trucks? Let’s hear your engine roar! Get ready to put the petal to the metal and then it’s 3...2...1...go! Get in the race with your favorite game!

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Driving and Racing Games Guide

Who doesn’t like racing games? Sadly, it’s not possible for most of us humans to own luxury cars. And even if we were lucky enough to drive a Ferrari or a Cadillac on a daily basis, we would never be able to reach two hundred miles an hour in the middle of a city. Reality is not always great, but once again we have driving games to let us live our dreams (even if it is through the screen of a pc). Racing games are particularly useful when you need to release some stress after a long day at work. They basically bring the best of both worlds: an adrenaline rush without the very likely chance of dying in an accident that the user would have if driving at this kind of speed in real life. No need to use the break here!

We all love to hear the roar of the engine and taking the first place with skilled driving (and some dirty playing). From the very first of its kind to the latest generations, racing and driving games give us a glimpse of the adrenaline from racing on a circuit or the streets.

In this category we offer a great range of car games and racing simulators, but for those who prefer to drive heavier or lighter vehicles, we also offer truck games and bike games.


Car games

Car games are the kings of racing and driving games, taking the speed to its limits. You can choose from our variety of racing games depending on what you prefer to smash, the circuit or the city streets!

Inside the car games category we can find two big genres:

-  Arcade-style racers
In these kind of games, users compete in unique ways, and its power lies in the fact that you can live through the screen with what you probably (and hopefully!) won’t experience in real life: collisions with other racers, track obstacles, really high speed on the main drag of a big city… don’t you mind the passersby!

One example of this kind of game would be Need for Speed Underground 2.

Racing simulators
If you’re looking for a realistic experience, these are your type of games. The vehicular behavior physics are applied and the player also feels the struggles of a real driver: lack of fuel, bad tire conditions… The driver needs to be really precise with its racing maneuvers!

One example of this kind of game would be Colin McRae Rally 3.


Here’s a taste of some of the most successful Rocky Bytes car games:

The Colin McRae Rally 3 is a cool car game developed by Codemaster. This series of games put you behind the wheels of the World Rally Championship cars and allow you to play as some of the most famous racers in the circuit and some original and colorful ones created by the developers!

The Colin McRae Rally Series is a group of what are known as racing simulators. The main goal of these kind of racing games are to make the player feel as though he is behind the steering wheel in a very realistic way. Make the speedometer needle go crazy!

When talking about car racing games it is almost compulsory to talk about Need for Speed series:

Need for Speed Underground 2 sets the races in the middle of the streets, offers a career mode with a storyline, an extraordinary soundtrack, dozens of car models and hundreds of design and customization options.

Need for Speed Underground was the first to introduce street racing to that franchise, but before it released there was Midnight Club; with races set in different cities, each with their own layout and challenges.

It was only a matter of time before the Need for Speed series went online and joined the MMO world. With two whole cities from two of the most popular car games in the series, Carbon and Most Wanted, hundreds of race circuits - even connecting freeways and turnpikes, and the upcoming introduction of a third city; now is the time to get behind the wheel and beat other people in this vast online world.

Car games is a gaming genre that is becoming more and more popular. Although (of course!) they can be played by girls, racing games have traditionally been considered games for boys or for kids, especially those with no violence nor obscene scenes on them.

Car games are especially appealing for kids because they can enjoy driving cool tuned cars even if they don’t have a driving license. And what’s more important is that they do it in a completely safe way.


Truck games

Speed games are fun and all, but some days we are looking for something a little bit quieter. Have you ever wondered how it feels to travel around Europe delivering packages in a giant vehicle? That’s exactly what truck games allow you to live.

Euro Truck Simulator 2 takes you through the whole experience of a real truck driver: buying a track and a garage, taking quick jobs at first and start making money to get yourself better trucks and go on big missions. You can choose your starting city from various locations in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom which is where you will start out in the game. Start trucking around!


Motorbike games

Nothing gets the adrenaline running like a good motorbike race. It’s too bad that you’re stuck in the office and only have a fifteen minutes break. Well here’s the solution for you, two words: Superbike Racers. This motorbike game will make you feel, at least for a few minutes, like you’re Marc Marquez or Valentino Rossi!

Superbike Racers allows you to play in three different modes: time trial, single race, and when you’re ready for real action, Moto-Racing competition. Don’t say we didn’t warn you, Superbike Racers is a really addictive bike game! Ah, and you can download it for free!


Top Driving and Racing games

According to Rocky Bytes criteria, the most valuable racing games belong to the Need for Speed Series: the podium includes Need for Speed Underground 2, Need for Speed World and Need for Speed: Most Wanted.

The Need for Speed series became famous for the option of customizing the cars, what’s most commonly known as tuning. These features allow the player to feel as if he is taking part in an illegal race, but, needless to say, he is not breaking the law at all.

On the other hand, the three best racing games according to the users are Need for Speed Underground 2(which seems to be the ultimate winner), Colin McRae Rally 3and Midnight Club II, from the creators of Grand Theft Auto.