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SPSS 32-bit


"Get access to 12 fully integrated modules that will aid you in the analytical process."

SPSS 32-bit Specifications

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SPSS 32-bit Review

With more than 12 fully integrated modules, from planning data collection to analysis, reporting and development, SPSS allows you to address the entire analytical process. You will quickly find that there is something for you within SPSS no matter what you actual need to do with it. Use SPSS to aid yourself in increasing revenue, outperforming competitors, and conducting research in order to make better business and financial decisions. Anything to make running your business just a little bit easier is always a big welcome for business owners, like yourself perhaps.

With SPSS Statistics, you will spend less time on the same task as the productivity enhancements included allow you to work faster and more efficiently. Use it for a variety of reasons that might benefit you, enhance your ability to run your business by using SPSS to do your dirty work. 

With its integration with IBM Cognos TM1, SPSS now allows you to import TM1 cubes in order to add predictive power to your planning cycle. You can also easily export data back into Cognos TM1 to deliver new business insights to the string pullers in an organization. Speaking of strings, SPSS supports fitting a categorical distribution to a string field in your active data sheet, enabling non-numeric variables to be used. Essentially, you can view SPSS as being your all in one, go to application for all of these types of tasks all in one application. 

It is now a lot faster and easier to get your Statistics outputs ready for presentation than ever before with many enhancements to the process including conditional styling to highlight selected cells based on values or significance, color, font, and size changes, index, hide, show, or delete table objects and much more. This will allow you to easily organize and edit your stats in just a few easy steps without much effort at all by you. 

Best of all, SPSS has mobile, on the go integration that allows you to view your charts and tables from wherever you are and whenever you need them. With this power, you can make decisions on the go and are not be limited to your computer desk. So, when you are at your busiest, you can still use SPSS on the go to get your work done are to grab all of your information in just a minute or so. The mobile experience is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows 8 devices.

SPSS 64 bit is also available here: SPSS for Windows 7, 8 and Vista. 


Safe free download - Tested Virus and Malware Free

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SPSS 32-bit Tutorials and Guides

How to Install SPSS 32-bit

How to Install SPSS 32-bit

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How to Use SPSS 32-bit

How to Use SPSS 32-bit

Having trouble using SPSS? Have a look at this.

SPSS is an incredibly complicated piece of software. It's to the point where there's no conceivable way that I can run through every feature and function, but I can get you started and point you to other places where ...

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SPSS 32-bit in Other Languages

SPSS 32-bit in Spanish

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